Ghost of Xmas Past in Cologne


Dear friends

On Wednesday evening, I went to Cologne with a bunch of friends in Gummersbach. I enjoyed the time very much although the weather was so freezing cold that my hands turned stiff.

Well, who could deny the jolly spirit of Christmas around here. Xiaojing, my Beijing friend, and I walked through two Christmas markets here, stopped almost at every interesting stalls. I tried a German sausage called something like Barwurst. Very nice. I did not enjoy the meat though just the experimentation.

In this atmosphere, I could not help but turning back the clock to younger days. I saw a toy shop, I rushed in the shop, trying on almost anything I saw. I was very fond of sound instruments too. Here in this shop, there were plenty of sound makers from ethnic drums, tibetan bowls, flute and what have you. I played the drum and as you may see in the picture, I joined with his kind German guy in making hopefully a fun voice in the shop. I just love being young!!


I think festivity brings people back into connection and relaxed and joyful atmosphere. Most of people I saw, not knowing, they smiled back at me. I felt very safe here and felt like people welcomed me in cologne.

When you are happy, it is difficult not to show and share it to those around you, I think. And perhaps, this is why we should have Christmas and other fun festivity.

2 responses to “Ghost of Xmas Past in Cologne

  1. Once, one of my depressive time in germany, i’ve sit and kept silent among the festive atmosphere. The collective happiness of Christmas time flew to my body and mind, heal my inner pain and bring peace to myself again. Since then, i’ve acknowledged that our being could have impact to the others too. Happiness i’ve recieved that time still flow in my being and i’m responsible to give it to the others.

    Auf Wiederschau!

  2. ur blog remined me when I was in Gummersbach a few year ago.Cold outsite but warm at heart because friends from many countries ,asia,latin america and russia come together and dance every night while had serious meeting during the day.

    good memory, we chat , share and learn from each other.
    Hope u also enjoy the wonderful period here with new friends …..

    Merry Christmas and Happy new year ja

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