Silence of the Rabbit

My puppy

My puppy

Dear friends

Yesterday, over dinner, I had a bloody conversation with some of my new friends here in Gummersbach. We talked about meat eating and the experiences of getting such meat on the plate.

An Egyptian guy, who is very nice, told delicacies in Egypt which included the taste for eating sheep’s eyeballs and brain. If that is not enough to turn you of what you are eating right now, you’d better hear this.

He said he used to witness the killing of rabbits. ”It screams like babies or children, you know,” he said in the matter of factly.

That really got me, friends. Picture of trembling rabbits were in my head, their baby-like scream shouted in my ears. I thought about my lovely pet dog, who to me, is similar to rabbit in a sense that she hops a lot. And of course she has a white fur.

That was it! I don’t need any more dose of animal’s right campaign. I decided to reduce my consumption of any meat, and at best would not have it at all.

Thanks to Ahmed, the nice guy from Egypt whose grotesque story inspired me to work on my vegetarian habit.


One response to “Silence of the Rabbit

  1. you already know, i am working on a project which has to used animal for testing before using in human being.

    At first, i think that we need only 12 rabbits for this purpose, but after looking in the detail, hundreds of rats, mices, rabbits have to be sacrificed for other tests either.

    From my point of view, it’s good to know these:

    – as a consumer, we have to be aware more and more for everything we consume. There’s a lot of life in those things.

    – as a researcher, we try to avoid using test animal or use them as least as possible. And we have to innovate the new test method instead of animal testing to minimize risks for human being.

    The last dream about being fished and got a fishhook in my finger, it was really hurt – i could fee the fish pain as i angle them. Thanks the dream to teach me about meditaion on the suffering of other being.

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