Meaning of Time


Time is money, is the saying that really strikes an itchy cord with me. Why? Why money?

Can time have other meaning or value to us?

I suppose thing is what we give it meaning. For example, if you value your assignment as your medal, yes, you will run hundred of hours to perfect it. But if you see it as a means to learn to work together with people and do some practices, then you would enjoy discussing and working with the group, no matter what the results are.

So, is it time that we contemplate on what time means to us? Perhaps if we really know it, then we would learn ways to spend it in such a way it means to us.

What is time to you?

5 responses to “Meaning of Time

  1. do you know, this question has touched my inner heart too much?

    it seems i could easily answer your question with the sentence like ‘time is the only thing that remind us how precious our life is’.

    To contemplate with this question, my heart aches – the unexplained pain flows throughout my whole body.

    There was so many regrets in the past, we could not catch the time or stop it. Time only flows as we breath. Until the end of our life, time is still there.

    From my point of view, Time has many faces. Just like in the beginning of Mahabharata:

    ‘Existence and non-existence, pleasure and pain all have Time for their root.
    Time createth all things and Time destroyeth all creatures.
    It is Time that burneth creatures and it is Time that extinguisheth the fire.
    All states, the good and the evil, in the three worlds, are caused by Time.
    Time cutteth short all things and createth them anew.
    Time alone is awake when all things are asleep: indeed, Time is incapable of being overcome.
    Time passeth over all things without being retarded.
    Knowing, as thou dost, that all things past and future and all that exist at the present moment, are the offspring of Time, it behoveth thee not to throw away thy reason.’

    กาลเวลาเป็นผู้สร้าง กาลเวลาเป็นผู้ทำลาย
    กาลเวลาเป็นเพลิงเผาไหม้ กาลเวลาเป็นเครื่องดับไฟนั้น
    บัจจุบัน อดีต และอนาคตอันอุดม ล้วนเป็นลูกของกาลเวลา
    โอ้! เหตุผลเจ้าหนา เจ้าจงตระหนักไว้ดั่งที่ได้พรรณนามานี้เถิด

    Sometimes we could touch the ‘infinity’ moment. At that point, time seems to be stopped and/or endless.

    The existence of Happiness or Sadness could be seen in this moment.

    The first-love scene in the ‘Big Fish’ movie has shown us how time stops, as one precious moment begins.

    The poem of Angkarn Kalayanapong has shown us how time could torture us:


    Only jump out from being the victim of time, there’s another choice:


  2. Time is a value creator. Without time, it would not matter how one acts or behaves. But with time, there will be an end. So how one acts or behaves does matter.

    Everything has a beginning and an end. And that is because of time.

  3. Does the existence of the sun demand your observation?

    Physically, time exists regardless how we are, conscious or unconscious.

    Mentally, time does cease its meaning if we are unconscious.

    Just an opinion, BTW.

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