Bright sides of all things

Our first and only sunhine in two weeks in Germany

Our first and only sunhine in two weeks in Germany

Although I am acquianted with English weather, the German winter is unimaginable.

For two weeks in Germany, we just saw a flash of sunshine once! This is really gloomy and depressing. But there are some good sides of things anyway, including those of people.

As part of our good-bye notes to everyone, we have 24 people altogether, we were asked to write something about our friends on pieces of paper and put them in the envelop, which all of us will take home as souvenirs.

I wrote for all of them. At first, I thought I had to think really hard of what to say, individually—and not in mass production words of compliments.

What really happened was that I could think of the good and impressive things about all 24 people. No one is the same and everyone shows me their unique quality I can say. I don’t even have to squench my brain to come up with words. It just flows.  

I enjoyed writing about each of them. And the more I wrote good things about each of them, the more good pictures streamed down in my heart.

This experience is illuminating as to how we can cultivate good thoughts about people. It dawns on me that each of us is unique and special. There are goodness in all of them and us.

In this light, even the ‘bad’ people have some bright sides that we can appreciate and make use of, I think.

On retrospection, too, I think this is a really great idea and practice for us all to learn to say something about others, to give words of compliments, appreciation and gratitude.

Why don’t we incorporate this as part of our daily routine?

Wanna joy the practise? Let’s..

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