Dream Weavers นักทอฝัน

Spider on the window

Beautiful picture by Somkid Chaijitvanit

It has been a long time since I last spotted spiders on their cobwebs.

I don’t know whether it is because my house has become immaculately clean; or spiders have become endangered species as their insect preys are hunted down in the city; or my adult world has been so much entangled in the World Wide Web that I lost the capacity to marvel at the small worlds on the nearby corners.

When I was little, I enjoyed spending my lone time observing cohabiting creatures around the house. Aside from lizards, tadpoles, dragonflies, worms and butterflies, I developed a bond with a spider at a rusty corner of a garden swing.

The “swing” spider hanged itself from the silky web. Little by little, it spun the silk out off its body. Slowly, meticulously, and persistently, it wove its web larger and larger; and when it was satisfied, it stopped.

“Patience is gold. A masterpiece takes time. So does good things.” The spider showed me the truth of these sentences as I was observing her craft in silence.

The web, as it turned out, was her home, feeding circle and a nesting ground where hundreds of tiny baby spiders would be born.

I was impressed by her patience for waiting for the good stuff to come by, too. She hid herself at a far corner of the web, waiting patiently for the prey to be trapped.

Fragile looking, yet robust, the silky spiral orb web was very strong. It could catch insects that flew into it, sustain the breeze and the wind blows from my mouth. It was really amazing how that lightweight and elastic silk had such enduring strength and power.

Perhaps we may need to adopt this strategy of spiders in times of trouble too; to be as light-minded and flexible as possible during hard times.

I used to envy spiders for their innate artistic quality to survive by themselves and on themselves. But in retrospection, I think human beings have great potentials too.

Like spiders, if we look deeply inside ourselves and discover our potentials, we can use it to create a platform of any opportunities we want in this short life.

And to succeed, we most need to value patience and perseverance.

This reflection article was in “Insight”, a monthly column in Outlook, Bangkok Post.

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