An idle poem on global warming of the heart


Winter has arrived in my heart before the frosty breeze comes.
My heart felt frozen after one night it drifted in a dream to a familiar face with a loving smile.
Woken up, reality blows like a snowy storm that takes my heart to dumbness.

Summer scents and flowers suddenly withered. Barren branches. Soul-less leaves.
Love in blossom prematurely enters the freezing season.

A reminiscence of sorrow returns but it is not as painful as yesteryears.
The shattered shadow of the once full-filled heart makes me solidly cold.

Life is a cycle of seasons.
Embrace each season, I’ve learned. But it seems as though the global warming has taken my heart.

I have to cope with unpredictable change of season…too short, too soon and sometimes too dramatic.