Pricey Water

”Without love, you can still live. But without water, you die,” underneath the slogan is the name Save Water campaign. 

It is a known fact, but somehow we are not aware of the importance of water in our life much that we usually contaminate our resource of living constantly. We use money like water and water like unlimited resource.

And that has a price to pay. A 500 ml. bottle of water in Germany cost up to 2 euros (80 Thai baht). This is to reduce our reckless use on plastic package, which consumes a lot of water in the plastic procedure, water retreatment, and recycling process, to name jsut a few. 

Besides, plastic lives longer than human beings. It lives 500 years or more. Perhaps, after human extinction, it is the plastic that will rule this planet Earth.

Have your own personal bottle can save our water and environment, as well as your money. If your government cannot provide you with drinkable water, you have the right to make them do it.

People power!