Embrace chaos

Dear friends

Chaos, confusion and conflict are mostly taken negatively. We don’t like to have one, not to mention learning to cope with it.

Today, I have an interesting experience with my group work on designing a campaign for a political party. At first, eight of us, were caught in arguments and scattering ideas which did not seem to end in fruitful results. 

Normally, in time like this, some of us may feel emotional towards one another or feel frustrated with the pace of work that goes nowhere. But hey, I can manage to remain cool. 

Simply, I think, it is because I feel it is alright to be in chaotic situation where you don’t know where to go, what will happen. Basically, I just learn to smile with it and enjoy learning about people, their thinking and their being. 

It is not that you embrace the situation, it is more likely that you embrace people around you. What I learn from this is that the more you open your heart to people and the world, the better you would be able to deal with things. 

Life is just a flash in the universe. Why should we take people too seriously? Be kind to ourselves and one another is much an easier way. Why are we making it hard?

But if you have to deal with not very nice people, then that is another story. We may need to dialogue on that.


Is election = democracy?

‘I’m from election. I’m from election. I’m from election‘, most Thai politicians repeat this ‘mantra’ whenever they give interviews to the press, in order to justify their road to parliament and power.

But is this democracy all about? Election?

Hitler rose to power under the cloak of election.  Saddam Hussein. 

George W. Bush Junior also comes from election, unfortunately.

You name any notorious or unpopular leaders in the world; and very likely, they’d come from election system, regardless of how fair they are.  

I beleive in democratic mind and culture. It is impossible for an un-democratic mind to produce a democratic sociey, no matter what systems or sophisticated ideologies they are trying to propagate.

What do you think are the ingredients of democracy? And how can we together contribute to adding in such ingredients?

I hope to dialogue with you for a better society.