Happy Media, what is it like?

I had a chance to interview Venerable Matthieu Ricard, French molecular biologist-cum-Tibetan meditation master.  For 35 years in Buddhist robe, he contributed to the study of mind. In the past several years, he and a team of leading scientists are trying to experiment on mind training and its effects on our brain.

On this occasion, he came to Thailand during the political turmoil, so I asked him several questions on good politics, media, prospect of better society out of conflicts.

Here, i will share with you his insights in the role of media. Listen, by clicking here.

Is election = democracy?

‘I’m from election. I’m from election. I’m from election‘, most Thai politicians repeat this ‘mantra’ whenever they give interviews to the press, in order to justify their road to parliament and power.

But is this democracy all about? Election?

Hitler rose to power under the cloak of election.  Saddam Hussein. 

George W. Bush Junior also comes from election, unfortunately.

You name any notorious or unpopular leaders in the world; and very likely, they’d come from election system, regardless of how fair they are.  

I beleive in democratic mind and culture. It is impossible for an un-democratic mind to produce a democratic sociey, no matter what systems or sophisticated ideologies they are trying to propagate.

What do you think are the ingredients of democracy? And how can we together contribute to adding in such ingredients?

I hope to dialogue with you for a better society.